Avoid The Frustration


Stafford2Despite Matt Stafford’s 4,900 yard passing last season with 8 games over 300 which includes 2 over 400 yards, I would like to help you avoid major frustration and pass on him in your 2013 draft.  With Calvin Johnson to throw to, you would think he would have more than 5 games with double digit touchdowns.  20 touchdowns last season and 17 interceptions says a few things such as he had a disappointing season but he should bounce back with better numbers next year.

If you want to win consistently in fantasy football, look for a quarterback that is more consistently getting 2 touchdown games.  I’m here to tell you I would rather pick Kaepernick. I’m here to tell you that until they establish a more pro-like offense with Stafford under center once in awhile, you should stay away.

Detroit’s offense makes it too easy to play defense against the pass at times.  In addition, their offense never establishes the run game, thus, play action is nonexistent and without that you are giving up some easy downfield throws once in awhile.  Their offense puts too much pressure on their quarterback.  This past season he was getting some late touchdowns that helped him look respectable on paper, but until Detroit starts establishing themselves as a respectable NFL franchise, he will struggle.  He seems like a sexy pick especially with Calvin as one of his wideouts, but I would stay clear.

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