NFL Draft 2015 – Chicago


The NFL draft hosted in Chicago takes place April 30 – May 2nd.  Celebrating the return of the draft after 50 years, Chicago is pulling out all the stops including free admission to “Draft Town.”  Covering more than 15 football fields, the fan festival in Grant Park will offer live music, player appearances and a Super Bowl museum, while Buckingham Fountain lights up at night with team colors – no ticket required.

Tips On How To Use FanDuel

If you’re never tried FanDuel, you might find it a little overwhelming when you first try it.  I mean everyone wants to win, but you don’t want to throw away your money cause you don’t know how to use it yet.  The following advice is one opinion on how to go about using FanDuel that I find a good route to go.

The easiest thing to do on FanDuel is the 50/50 games.  You won’t get rich but you can make some money.  You can find these games in the 50/50 section on the lefthand side of the screen and also in the tournament section under “Double Up.”  If you have the fantasy knack for things, try getting in between $80-$100 each week as I do.  All you have to do is finish in the top half of the field to win.

If you get into a $5 game in the 50/50 section with 50 people, as long as you finish in the top 25 you win $9.  It’s $9 as they take the juice.

If you get into a Double Up game in the tournament section you actually double your money.  So if you get into a $5 game, you win $10 if you finish in the top half.  In the Double Up games, they get their juice by adding some players to it.  There might be 223 players, for example, and you have to finish in the top 100.

Overall, the 50/50 games give you a little room for mistakes.  I usually win 3 out of every 4 weeks.  There is always a week that something happens that you don’t count on.  Once the double up games are full, they don’t come back.  Once a 50/50 game fills up, they open another one up until game time.

The double up games are guaranteed.  So even if they don’t fill up they go.  If any of the 50/50 games don’t fill up, they refund your money.  I usually get into as many of the 50/50 games that I can.  I only do $1,$2 and $5 games.

If you get into tournaments, you should look for games that only allow one entry per person.  You will probably have to pay a little more ($5 or $10), but it is much easier.  Some of the big guys on there submit multiple entries when the tournament allows it, so they have a better chance.  If you only do one entry in an unlimited entry tournament, you have no chance.

The big tournament they run, the FFFC, has unlimited entries.  It is $10 to get in.   In an interview I read about the winner of this tournament, Chris Prince, he would put in around 50 entries per week.  You have no chance with one entry against that guy.  Bottom line is to enter tournaments that have one entry per person.

Also, the more money a tournament costs, the less points it takes to win.  If you get into a $2 tourney with unlimited entries (2800 people), the winning score will be much higher than the $25 tournament with one entry per person and only 150 people in it.  Generally, it is better to spend a little more money per contest and get into single entry tourneys.  I probably won around $600-$800 last year on football and didn’t start until week 4 or 5.  You won’t get rich playing the 50/50 games but you can win some spending money.


Players In Domes in 2013


The team with the most DOME games this year is the St. Louis Rams with THIRTEEN.  Legatron Greg Zuerlein is going to have a solid year for a kicker.  All Rams offensive players should benefit a little from this too but don’t go overboard on their talent.

There are nine teams that play in “domes.”  For my purposes, we are going to count all the teams that play in stadiums with retractable roofs such as the Colts, Cowboys, Texans, and Cardinals.

Here are the other eight teams with the most dome games to round out the top 9 NFL teams with the most dome games in 2013.  There are 7 of these domes teams that each play in 10 dome games and they are the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys.

The dome team with the least amount of dome games is the Detroit Lions with only 9 on their schedule.

So if you like dome players, enjoy the likes of Roddy White, Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, Steven Jackson, Drew Brees, Reggie Wayne, Andrew Luck, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, REGGIE BUSH, Adrian Foster, Larry Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant, Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray and more.

Start This Guy or That Guy

Marques Colston or Vincent Jackson:  Colston

Danny Amendola or Victor Cruz:  Amendola

T.Y. Hilton or Jordy Nelson: Hilton (I would start Hilton over almost everybody this week except the top 13 guys)

Reggie Wayne or Antonio Brown:  Wayne

Kenbrell Thompkins or Greg Jennings:  Thompkins

Shane Vareen or Ryan Mathews: Shane Vareen

Miles Austin or Tavon Austin:  Miles Austin

Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton:  Palmer

Mike Williams or Vincent Brown:  Williams

Jordan Cameron and Zach Sudfeld:  Sudfeld





The League Premiers Wednesday


The League premiers on Wednesday at 10:30 on FXX.  Can’t wait to see Kevin, Jenny, Ruxin, TACO, Pete and even Andre.  If you don’t know what this show is about, Fantasy Football is at the core of The League, a comedy that explores how the online sports obsession affects marriages, friendships, families, and completely shuts down Sundays. The comedy will be partially improvised, with the team from Curb Your Enthusiasm behind it.

The commercial for the premier featured Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari in a car with Jenny and Kevin discussing the ole switch-a-roo!  Good thing Cavallari was in the back seat not driving.  She recently was pulled over for a speeding ticket near Chicago in Evanston.  Being an out-of-state driver, she was escorted to the police station to post bail.

Keep an eye out for this on your TV guide as this is a solid show that usually features some guests each week.

3 Surprises For Your Tuesday Morning

Here are three small surprises in fantasy football news:

1. Ahmad Bradshaw may not be the starter in Indianapolis as he let on that he has been running with the second team in practice.  Give a little bump to your Vick Ballard rankings.

2. Ryan Broyles is behind Patrick Edwards on the depth chart now.  This is surprising as Edwards didn’t have a good preseason.  Nonetheless, as much as Detroit throws, he is now worth keeping an eye on.

3. The Raiders are going to start Terrelle Pryor at quarterback over Matt Flynn.  Has Flynn fallen off that big of a cliff?  Pryor is worse than Tebow in both passing and running.  

Top 5 NFL Stories You Can Skip Right Over

There are many football items that arise that appear as “non-issues” to me.  Yes, they are stories, but I feel that they aren’t going to affect that player’s fantasy impact.  These are the stories that I don’t write about as I only write about things I feel strongly on or have some impact on fantasy strategy.   Our lives are busy and during fantasy football season there is so much information that we need to compartmentalize the news and not waste out time with certain topics.  Here are a few recent stories that I feel won’t affect that player or team.

1.  Brandon Marshall says his hip is in amazing shape.  I have felt all along that Brandon was going to be just fine and this doctor visit was just a checkup.

2.  The rise of Joique Bell from the Detroit Lions.  People are starting to mention this name from Wayne State.  I’m not interested in the guy.

3.  Any news on the New York Jets or the Oakland Raiders.

4.  Ryan Tannehill breakout information.

5.  The Buffalo Bill’s quarterback carousel.

Top Two Teams Not To Draft From

Do you ever enter your draft saying to yourself, I’m not going to take any players from the (insert team)?

I do this every year, and every year I feel like I have an advantage when some poor guy drafts a player from that team.  It’s like a minor victory already.  It’s an easy way to focus your attention during the draft too.  The Browns have been a team in recent year’s that I have done this with.  This year the Browns have three intriguing guys in Trent Richardson, Cameron Jordan and Josh Gordon.

The following teams have either ZERO players to draft or maybe one if draft value is there.  (This is strictly for offensive players.)

1.  Oakland Raiders: Don’t draft ANY unless Darren McFadden falls to drastically to round 9.

2. New York Jets:  I’m not even into Chris Ivory, although I liked him in New Orleans.  But this is the Jets, so don’t take any of them unless Chris Ivory falls to the 11th.

These two teams are so bad that misery is going to ooze in all facets of their organizations.  Trust me, you don’t want any of their players on your fantasy team.


Have You Tried

Have you ever tried

If you love fantasy sports, you have to give this site a try.  You can play daily one-on-one fantasy games against other competitors for money!

Many of us fantasy football players draft teams at the beginning of the year and are stuck with that team all season.  If you like variety or your team stinks, you can pick new players every day with FanDuel.  

You simply pick a team based on salary and can win in one day.  There are free leagues and money leagues.  You can play either head-to-head or in leagues of 5, 10, or 100+.

There is a leader board for players win totals, and you can also see how many wins your opponent has before playing them.

You can play a variety of sports.  If you play baseball, you can play every day since there are always games.  There is one standard scoring system for each sport.  You can play this style of fantasy competition for the following sports: college football, major league baseball, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

If you have the itch to play, FanDuel is awesome as you can always grab a game when you need.  Personally, I love to challenge myself against other people outside of my regular leagues.

Be Your Own Statistician

I just want to give props to for the ability of the average person to be able to grab any football stat they may be looking for. Personally, I like the ability to be able to throw statistic results into an easy to load chart for any website using the given code. Here is a video tutorial on to do this feature:

The Streak Everyone Should Know About But Nobody Does


In November 2011, one of the most incredible sports streaks ended that hardly anybody even knew existed.  For 149 straight weeks in the NFL, at least one former Miami Hurricane football player scored a touchdown.  This streak could be argued against any of the most storied streaks in sports, but that discussion can be for another day on a different forum.

It all began in Week 15, 2002 when Clinton Portis scored 4 touchdowns for the Denver Broncos.  The streak ended in the third week of November 2011 after a touchdown by Kellen Winslow was called back due to a penalty.  Legend has it that Bill Belichick was thinking about giving Vince Wilfork a goaline carry on Monday Night football to keep the streak alive, but the stars didn’t align.

The Miami Hurricanes had a first round pick in the NFL from 1994-2009, which is an unbelievable streak which had to end at some point.   And now this unreal touchdown streak has ended.  For a long time, fantasy owners could count on Miami Hurricane football players year in and year out.  Ray Lewis is retiring this year, and many others are past their prime, but I will never forget some of the names like Willis McGahee, Jeremy Shockey, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Edgerrin James, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson and the list goes on and on.

If you want to see the entire list of the touchdown streak, go to  There were only 11 weeks where only one players scored to keep that streak alive.  And there were 62 games where at least FOUR Hurricanes players scored out of those 149 weeks.  Wow!